About Us


Go-Getter Foods is a local grown & lady owned delivery service located in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Our team of former gig economy drivers and shoppers are eager to help you and will always treat your order, as if it was their own.
It is our goal to set the new standard for what delivery services should look like here in Alaska, for you - our friends, families and neighbors.

Each driver has been carefully selected, you can rest assured your delivery is in good hands! \
We have chosen some of our favorite local restaurants for our website and it is always our hope to create lasting partnerships with these restaurants. We take great pride in being able to support and help another local business!

We want to know you and hear what you expect from a delivery service. We will always welcome any suggestions or ideas you have so please call or email us anytime. It is with your support and communication with us that we will be able to best serve you.
Thank you for the opportunity, and your business. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Your local Go Getters